Artist ~ Henry Hu

Artist Statement There are no limits to what static visuals can achieve. My personal approach of utilizing digital tools, a variety of styles can be seen across all collections matching their subject matters. Each individual collection, usually consists of multiple … Continued

Artist ~ Carol Roullard

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Carol Roullard has been an avid photographer since high school, first experimenting with black-and-white composition. Through out her life, Carol continued to hone her photography skills, focusing mainly on nature and architecture, looking … Continued

Artist ~ Steve Pavlovsky

Steve Pavlovsky Born: September 7, 1978 – Brno, Czechoslovakia Steve Pavlovsky is a live visuals artist working and living in the United States. He was raised in Queens, NY where he lives today. Much of his work surrounds the intersection of … Continued

Crazemen: Onesun, Panic & A. Fontaine

Started in 1995, Crazemen is a trio of group members Panic, A.Fontaine and OneSun. Growing up in the streets of Long Island City, Queens they formed a bond through music and for two decades have worked with numerous acclaimed producers … Continued

Artist ~ Ole Tersløse Jensen

Ole Tersløse graduated as a painter from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2000 and has worked increasingly with computer-manipulated photography and visualization in 3D computer programs ever since. He has participated in group and solo exhibitions in … Continued

Artist ~ Mauricio Paz Viola

Artist Statement I would define my artwork as a manifestation of self, an extension of my spirit or sub-consciousness, which is still beyond my grasp and lies at the deepest sphere of pure self. In particular, I try to minimize … Continued

Artist ~ Nina Tokhtaman Valetova

Originally from South Urals in Russia, Nina Tokhtaman Valetova is a New York based visual artist. Holding a Master’s degree in Art from University BGPU in Ufa, and has been working as a painter since 1982. Nina’s work explores the relationships … Continued

Artist ~ Alex Lowe

Alex Lowe: Abstract Impressionist Artist Alex Lowe was born in Perthshire North Scotland on the 18th September, 1968. Alex started painting professionally 5 years ago. During this time, he has sold over 50 paintings worldwide some too well-known personalities such as … Continued

Artist ~ Michelle Hold

Michelle Hold was born in Munich and grew up in Innsbruck, Austria where she began studying architecture. She then amplified her growth in the artistic field and fabric design in various courses in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Munich and London.  … Continued

Lisa Redford’s Spring Newsletter

At Saloon, C2C 2015, Performing at C2C Saloon Stage Videos from C2C Country to Country Festival at The O2, Performing with The Dreaming Spires, Music Columnist for Evening News Hey everybody, happy Spring! Been busy doing lots of writing lately … Continued

Artist/Producer/Actor & Director ~ Raxiel Sinz

Raxiel Sinz, born Raxiel Liz was raised in the heart of the Bronx, 178th St. Boston Rd. right across from the world famous “Bronx Zoo”. Raxiel learned at a young age that life doesn’t give you what you want you … Continued

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